Hosting a Tequila Tasting Party #3CGBlog

Do you have a love for Tequila or need a great party theme for an end of summer bbq? Why not host a tequila tasting party. Your guests can sample a variety of tequilas and compare them to one another while learning a little bit more about tequila. For party pairing favorites visit My Gourmet … Continue reading

Fashion: Smooth Transition #3CGBlog

Dressing for these cool summer nights can be a breeze with a little fashion inspiration. Here are a few pieces to keep you on the trend, whether you’re going to a playdate or an afternoon Mommy meet up. Remember to invest in key pieces that will make Fall transition easy on your wallet.

Reading is fun! 3CGBlog #Kids

                       Reading is fun! Reading is an important skill that needs to be encouraged a very young age. These habits make it necessary in the future and help children find learning fun. Inspire your older children to read aloud or to younger children. Make sure that they have access to books in school or your … Continue reading

Minivan must haves #BTS #3CGBlog

In my mind all Mom’s have mini vans. If not I’m only sharing my personal pain. Don’t get me wrong. I love my marshmallow on wheels because it takes me from point A to point B but my youth is ripped whenever I pull up to that car filled with young kids. Well, at least … Continue reading

Look of The Day #Fashion #3CGBlog

My favorite Look of The Day. Leather and Denim. No need to say more.

Back to School Style with Stride Rite @striderite #3CGBlog

In case you haven’t noticed. It’s back to school season! And as a Mom who loves to keep up with the latest trends. Stride Rite always makes the list. From crawling to cruising Stride Rite has always been apart of my family and I have all the shoes to prove it. I save everything! Before … Continue reading

Humid and fabulous #3CGBlog

No matter how gross the weather feels outside. Stay fabulous! Those who know me well can tell you that I always walk around with a long scarf. Either to fight off the funk in the subway or as a great head wrap on a hot humid day. If you know how long my hair is, you can only imagine … Continue reading

Mom On The Go #3CGBlog

As a stay at home Mom, I definitely enjoy the summer break. Not only do the kids and I get to sleep in a little longer but I actually have more time to get ready before heading out the door. It’s the back to school morning routine that’s hard for me. I end up dropping … Continue reading

A simple Mojito #Recipe #3CGBlog

If you’re lucky, there’s nothing like a Mom’s night out and if you live in the city there’s nothing like an outdoor restaurant shaking up summer’s favorite drink. A mojito! Well, I can’t remember my last Mom’s Night Out  but I can recreate the flavorful drink at home and so can you. Recipe: Place ice … Continue reading

Back to School Lunch ideas #BTS #ViveMejor #3CGBlog

Last year my daughter would come off the school bus in full crankzilla mode. She would whine and carry on about how hungry she was until we made a pit stop for a snack before dinner. Eventually these pit stops became pricey and It wasn’t until I asked her why was she so darn hungry? Turns out … Continue reading


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