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DIY – Organize your shoe closet with tension rods

I’m a neat freak. There is no denying that. I have my days where I let things pile up for a few hours but then the obsessiveness kicks in and I’m whipping out my windex, rags, vacuum and getting to work. One thing that I’m constantly on top of are my little girls. When I say they are my little tornadoes. I mean it! Let’s not even get started on the entrance of my house. We have a “Do not enter with shoes” rule. All of our guest have to leave their shoes at the door but I find myself tripping over not so pleasant shoes. I have found the greatest simplest solution. A few tension rods on the bottom of your entry closet and problem is solved!

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13 thoughts on “DIY – Organize your shoe closet with tension rods

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  2. best idea ever! thank you so much! especially for shoe freaks who won’t to clutter the bottom with tons of shoe boxes!

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  9. What kind of tension rods did you use? I tried this and they didn’t want to hold the weight of my shoes… :( I would really love to give this another go though! It seems like such a great idea!!

    • I bought my tension rods at a the dollar store but if you want something more durable I would try Home Depot. At least you can get your money back if they don’t hold up. Let me know which worked for you.

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