Making Memories with NESCAFÉ® #sp #MomentoNESCAFE!

Growing up in a Puerto Rican household,  Abuela was always brewing coffee around the clock. She would begin her morning routine making cafe with just a saucepan and a colador! she would lay two cups on the table for herself and I, where we would just talk. Many of our sessions were about her childhood memories… More Making Memories with NESCAFÉ® #sp #MomentoNESCAFE!

Blogger Bash 2015 Recap #BBNYC

Full Definition of BLOGGER BASH. : two Days of FUN conferences, being silly, making incredible friends, meeting new brands, networking, eating delicious foods and partying it up: — blog·ger noun. — bash verb.  When I think of conferences I’m thinking of long hours just dragging away, scrolling through Instagram, wondering how my children are behaving for my sister and then there’s… More Blogger Bash 2015 Recap #BBNYC

6 Surprisingly Fun Beach Activities For Kids & Adults

New York City hasn’t had the best beach days but brighter days are coming. They’re called the weekend! and the forecast calls for lots of fun in the sun. To help you plan your fun filled day with the little ones, I have gathered some pretty fun beach activities for kids and adults. Check out… More 6 Surprisingly Fun Beach Activities For Kids & Adults