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Class trip at City Growers! #NYCFarm


My 7 year old daughter has been learning so much in class about communities. The difference between a rural area and suburban area. Helping her do research has not only given me a new understanding on growing our own vegetables but a better understanding about why recycling and composting helps our environment.

I was excited about being a class chaperone because the permission slip said farm. I’m thinking our local farm? there is no farm in Long Island City! I didn’t say a word but just got on the school bus with my daughter and her classmates. We pulled up to a coffee shop. Again, I’m thinking. Where the hell is this farm and does the bus driver seriously need a coffee fix this bad? If you’re from Queens, you know better than to double park on Northern Boulevard.

Turns out the farm was somewhere in this coffee shop. The tour guide leads up behind the coffee shop to this huge steps. We hiked to the top of what seemed to be never ending steps. We anxiously waited for the doors to open and were blown away. It was a rooftop farm! the views of Queens and the Manhattan skyline were amazing. The tour was definitely engaging for children. They played games about different seeds, dug for worms in the dirt, sang songs about composting and best of all, we were all sent home with our own planted seed.



City Growers is a Non-Profit organization that empowers students to envision a greener and healthier future for their city. For more information about City Growers click here.

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