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Partying with Pizza a Casa Pizza School






Want a great night out on the town with a group of friends? then head over to Pizza a Casa Pizza! This is the perfect place to hang with your friends and learn how to master your pizza making skills. It’s really not that hard to make the perfect pizza from scratch. Although they liquor you up with delicious wine before the class starts, I was able to still focus and put my skills to the test. I prefer to say “It’s the Italian in me” and that’s why my pizza was better than anyone else’s, but seriously I have the skills to pay the bills!

Where do I begin? You start off at your own cooking station,  ingredients and utensils are set up and ready, and after a quick history lesson about sauces, flour, and every pizza ingredient you can imagine, you are ready to make your own pie. Being that I’m that boring Vegan, mine was made with just olive oil, pizza sauce, mushrooms and greens. It’s fantastic that they were able to adjust the class to my needs.

What I love about this place is how the wine just keeps flowing! Trust me. I never smile, but I was feeling the buzz! Grab a group, let loose and get messy. Prepare to make pizza the next night because they send you home with your own dough!  What a great way to show your kids your new skills. I definitely recommend this place for couples.

Pizza A Casa Pizza School in Manhattan

located on NYC’s historic Lower East Side

371 Grand St – New York City

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