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Review: Wanda’s Monster the Musical


Since being a first time Mom, Laurie Berkner has been a family favorite in our home. I’ve sang and danced with my little girl, that when I became a Mom for the second time around, I had memorized almost every song! Although Laurie Berker is not in the musical her sound is definitely heard and felt with catchy songs that were easy to memorize. My 3 year old little girl jumped out of her seat and began singing along with the rocking opening act.


Through Wanda’s Monster, we are taken into the wonderful imagination of a girl named Wanda, who insist there is a monster living in her closet. Didn’t we all have fears of something creeping under our bed or in the closet? I know I did! I still check under the bed sometimes (lol) Wanda desperately tries convincing her brother that there’s a monster in her closet but seriously, how many brother’s can give you advice without being bratty? Granny A.K.A the Rock star grandma, gives Wanda “rocking” advice and we watch along while Wanda explores her fears, taking Granny’s advice and watch her transform into a brave girl.


This was pretty much my daughter’s face throughout the entire show. She stayed put, smiled and danced. Happy kid, Happy Mom! It doesn’t get any better when your child is entertained though out the entire show.



Here I am with the cast of Wanda’s Monster. From the left we have Wanda’s brother Bobby, the not so scary monster that lives in the closet, Wanda with her fabulous fashion and her rocking Granny.

ImageWanda’s Monster is now playing from July 13th – September 8th, 2013

at Vineyard’s Dimson Theatre

108 E. 15th st at Union Square in Manhattan

Tickets are on sale NOW!

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for more information on times & dates click and to purchase tickets click below

After every show there is a 20 minute meet and greet with cast members in the lobby! here is my little girl with Laurie Berkner! The entire staff was so sweet! we LOVED it!


Making Books Sings promotes children’s literacy and social development through professional theater productions and arts in education programs. For more information on Making books sings and how you can support a great cause click here

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