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Elm Baby #ElmBabyBrunch


Bella Miranda, Founder of Elm baby gets personal and discusses why creating the Culla Belly Co-sleeper, inspired her to create her own safe adjustable, attachable co-sleeper.


Relating to her not only on a personal level, I understand that if you choose to co-sleep it should be done safely with reliable and trusted baby gear. Especially hearing it from the creator herself and her passion to design something organic for babies.


For me, having my babies close to me as they slept was a comforting feeling for my husband and I. Knowing that I could just open my eyes and check on my baby saves parents the hassle of getting up all night. Can we say less stress?  Speaking of stress, one thing you won’t have to worry about is warming the baby’s bottle under hot water or worst, the microwave! I’ve been guilty of that. This is iiamo’s remarkable first feeding bottle in the World that warms milk in 4 minutes!


Not only did I learn so much from Bella Miranda and her products but I now know who will be giving the best baby shower gift’s in the future. Cheers to Bella Miranda for her passion in creating ELMBABY. A one stop shop for parenthood needs. For more information on Elm Baby Culla Co-sleeper read at


*Disclosure: All opinions are of my own and my opinions of these products were fabulous!

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