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DIY Halloween Classroom Craft

Our school district banned foods at classroom parties because of understandable concerns of children with food allergies. For my daughters birthday her teacher suggested I still come in and read a book to the classroom. I didn’t really want to read a book to the class because I felt my daughter would be more embarrassed at me just standing there trying to be silly, so I decided to pick a craft. I have to admit I was a little intimidated by 3rd graders. They are so opinionated but not to brag, they loved it!

I started out by driving to every Home Depot in my area. I was able to purchase mini pumpkins. With almost 30 children in my daughters classroom, you can only imagine how stressed out I was when I realized how hard these are to shop for around Halloween! but I did it.

Supplies Needed:

Wiggle Eyes (bought at my local art supply store)

Halloween Witch Hat Garland ( which I cut individually)

Ziploc bags to put 2 eyes, mini pumpkin, witch hat (It’s easier to hand each child their own baggie of supplies)

ImageBeing that this is a classroom craft, each child use their own supplies to add their smiles. This student opted out of using glue to attach the witch’s hat to her pumpkin. She said tape was quicker.

ImageAnother student decided to make his pumpkin into Harry Potter

ImageI loved the vampire fangs!

Enjoy …

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