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Munchkin brand launches MBaby collection hosted by Momtrends #Momtrends #Mbaby


Manhattan, NY

Designer Caroline Amrikhas and I discussing the stylish and functional designs of the MBaby collection. As a Mom, I know the importance of comfortable clothing on my child’s skin. I would sometimes dress my babies in their pajamas because of the comfort and accessibility to diaper changes but they were not stylish for my children to wear outside. As much as I wanted to make it easier for myself, let’s face it, babies firsts years are meant to be stylish! It’s hard finding quality, comfort, and style. With Mbaby you can have it all with a great apparel collection with beautiful styles for baby boys and girls.


Mbaby gift boxes are sold separately but make great memory boxes for babies. Even if you’re not expecting, these make an excellent baby shower gift.


Latch baby simulates moms breast stretches like the best to help baby latch on. Latch baby eases transition from breast to bottle and helps reduce  gas and fussiness with their anti – colic valve located at the bottom of the LATCH bottle allows for breast milk to flow while ensuring air bubbles do not travel.

To learn more about Mbaby and Munchkin products visit:

*Disclosure: Thank you to Momtrends and Munchkin for a day filled with wonderful mamas.

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