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Yummy Green Smoothie for kids #Green #Healthy

Now that Spring is officially here, judging from my red eyes, loud sneezes, and piles of tissues, allergy season has taken over everyone in my home. When you have a health conscious sister like mine, the kitchen is the doctors office. My kids are normally afraid of anything green unless it’s a milkshake but adding organic green smoothies to our daily routine is not as hard as you think. My little girls enjoy helping mama toss ingredients into our blender which makes eating healthy a little bit easier.  My 8 year old was first to try the Kale, banana and coconut smoothie and we are officially hooked!

Want to try The New York Organic Mom recipe?

1 frozen banana (Secret: keep a supply of peeled frozen bananas in your freezer. I like to keep mine in ziploc bags)

4 large leaves leaves of kale

8 oz. of coconut water or almond milk

Blend together and voila!

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