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Review: Nerf Rebelle Super Soaker #Fun #Kids #Hasbro @HasbroNews


How do you kick off your memorial day weekend? Ask my kids and you’ll hear outdoors of course !

Now that Spring is here, children should engage in active play, whether with friends or siblings, it’s always fun to watch my children pretending to be super heroes. And although they can get very competitive, most importantly they can get along when their favorite toy is included that sparks their imagination. As parents, we can appreciate a little nudge, even if that means a Nerf Rebelle Super Soaker.


We are a Nerf family. Not only did we get my 8 year old daughter a Nerf bow for Christmas but my husband gets to have a little fun with the kids too using his Nerf foam dart gun. Now that the Sun is out longer, I’m all for unplugging and letting the kids burn fuel the old fashion way, by having fun running in the yard and cooling off with the Nerf Rebelle Super Soaker. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a super soaker for girls that was this adorable, super girlie yet so powerful and easy to use. Simply aim,  pull back and release a blast of water. My youngest really got a kick out of chasing her target, her older sister! I can totally see my kids packing this up for a day at the beach.


Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on

*Disclosure: I received a Nerf Rebelle Super Soaker to review. All opinions expressed here are of my own.

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