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My home is ruled by girls with vivid imaginations. Being a Mom to a preschooler and a tween, I have to balance the art of keeping their minds filled with knowledge, while keeping it fun! Gotta sneak it in somehow right? My kids are no strangers to dinosaurs. Their first baby toys were actually plastic dinosaurs, so it was no shock that when we arrived to Field Station Dinosaurs, that I was the one trying to keep up. There’s so much to see and do that we didn’t know where to begin. There were so many fantastic family activities from T-rex games, fossils dig site in the sand, a baby Hadrosaurus feeding, a dinosaur meet and greet and even a puppet show. Sounds like a lot but don’t worry. There are rest stops for parents that kind of feel more like a base camp to sit and cool off and yes there’s even air conditioning in the commanders tent, beautifully designed by Ikea! this place has parents covered.



First impression

As we walked in the kids were given their own passport and a map of the trails. Can you imagine the excitement of being given a passport to get stamped at each activity station? In the words of my little girls “Super Cool!”. We began on our trail and my 4 year old immediately heard little roars coming from behind the bushes! “Mom, do you hear that?”. I had to keep in the excitement and told her to go ahead with the her older sister and turn the corner. It was our first dinosaur! (Cool Mom points right there). The thrill just doesn’t stop there. Trust me, there were 30 dinosaurs in total and they were still going gaga at each one. They were anxious to X off every dinosaur on our map. And that we did. These dinosaurs are animatronic and seem so realistic, so you can imagine how amazing these were in the eyes of a child. My daughter’s noticed every detail, from their sizes in length and height, realistic teeth, breathing sounds, moving eyes, you name it, she loved it! Our favorite stop was The Rapture Feud station. It was an educational workshop for my little paleontologists. Here they had a chance to show off their knowledge of dinosaurs and paleontology that we learned along the way.



Want to brush your memory on Dinosaurs? Catch the Dinosaurs Alive 3d Film.

My 8 year daughters final impression:

I love how it was really realistic. I kind of felt like I was in Jurassic Park. I also liked how information was given about each dinosaur and I liked how it explained what type of food it ate. The commander station had  a window view of the T-Rex and I felt like I was observing a real dinosaur. I noticed how real the dinosaurs looked too. Like I noticed their tails moving and when they roared I saw all their teeth. You can hear the sounds coming from the bushes and my sister and I were running pretending to be chased.



Mom Tips:

Make sure your kids are wearing comfortable sneakers or boots. Pack snacks, lots of water for the hotter days, hand wipes, shades, caps, and sunblock. Be prepared to charge all your gadgets because there will non stop photos. Also, take your time exploring the park. It’s a great bonding experience for the children. Enjoy every show Field Station Dinosaur has to offer. There is something for everyone. The views of Manhattan from New Jersey are absolutely spectacular. I suggest you make a day of your visit in New Jersey. Remember to GPS your route the night before and print out a back up. My GPS from my car didn’t work but clicking the map for directions on Field Station Dinosaurs website worked just fine!



Want to see what all the buzz is about Field Dinosaur Station is in Secaucus NJ? Then enter 3citygirlsnyc family 4 pack giveaway. Make sure you’re subscribed and leave a comment about your favorite dinosaur. Each share or tweet is an entry. Leave share links in comment. Good luck!

May 24-June 29: SAT & SUN 10a-6p
July 1-Sept 1: TUES – SUN 10a-6p
Sept 6-November 2: SAT & SUN 10a-6p
Open select holidays: Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah (Sept 25) & Columbus Day

Opened on select weekdays in April, May, June, September & October for school groups. – Field Dinosaur Station




Disclosure: I was invited as Media to attend Field Station Dinosaurs. All opinions expressed here are of my own.

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