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Review: LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westcheste​r


As far back as I can remember, my Mom kept us busy with Lego’s. My older brother, sister and I would spend hours connecting, combining and creating pieces to show off our skills to our Mom. Not only did it keep us quiet but it gave her time to get things done around the house and my two little girls are exactly the same way. We just LOVE Lego!

Last week my little girls and I left Queens for the afternoon and took a quick 38 minute drive over the R.F.K bridge to the LegoLand Discovery Center in Westchester, NY. As soon as those magical doors opened the girls were off! they were curious to see and touch everything, literally. We started off with a Lego factory tour followed by Mini Land, which was so realistic and animated, it really caught the best views of New York City. From Citifield, Met’s Stadium, The Statue of Liberty and more, I know I’ll need a second visit to soak it all in. The animations and effects throughout LEGOLAND are sure to capture the eyes and minds of the little ones, so be prepare for your kids to tug your shirt for a second or third ride.


Next stop on our walk was Kingdom Quest. I earned some serious cool Mom points on this ride. Yes, a ride! ( there are 2 rides & a 4D Cinema) This place has everything for both parents, kids and there’s even a Café with Wifi for the parents. The Café offers a variety of healthy snacks for parents and children. We enjoyed sliced apples with hummus and pretzels.

Lego’s Build and Test is great for the kids to work together and race their creations down a test track. Of course my daughter’s raced against me because they thought it was more fun but not so fun when I won. They quickly got over it when we walked over to LegoFriends, where both my girls sang their hearts out on a Karaoke machine. Here they made friends with the other little girls and soon we were all singing along to Katy Perry Fireworks.

Moms Tips: I decided to go 2 hours before closing and that was a great call because I noticed the crowd had already headed home. Make sure your kids wear socks because there is an indoor playground called LegoLand Construction site. Kids are able to climb, swing and crawl through tunnels. Super fun!

Good to Know: Once visit simply wasn’t enough for my family. I know that we will be going back for more. You can book tickets online or purchase an annual family pass.

Lego Ninjago Laser: Do not miss this! My girls really amazed me at this laser maze. Not that it shocked me but I didn’t realize how good they were at dodging these lasers. Especially for their first time. I on the other hand was not so lucky but it made it more fun to just go around and keep trying. The car ride home, the girls conversed on how they felt like they were on a movie set. This entire experience felt like we were behind the scenes of a Lego Movie. So much fun!

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*Disclosure: I was invited to LegoLand Discovery Center Westchester as Media. All opinions expressed here are of my own.


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