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The Orange Rhino Challenge @ORChallenge #3CGBlog


“One day you’re going to be a Mom and your kids are going to do the same exact thing to you!”. My Mom would say that to my siblings all the time but not to me because I was the good child. I might be lying just a tad bit but still, you get the point. We stressed her out. You could hear my Mom down the halls and even from the elevator when we gave her a bad time. She was a single Mom of 3 and it wasn’t until I became a Mom myself that I realized how hard being a parent could be. One thing that I picked up being raised in a “yelling” home is that I tend to release stress by yelling. Another thing I noticed is that my little ones are picking up Mommy’s bad habit. Why can’t they pick up the good things like cleaning up around the house? Well, that’s another blog post.

I was introduced to TheΒ Orange Rhino Challenge at the Momtrends Back To School event a few days ago and I’m so excited to share with you some fantastic tips to help you deal with stress.

Favorite Ways to Yell Less, Love More:

Wear Orange nail polish and The Orange Rhino Bracelet for always present visual reminders to find warmth

Use orange napkins at mealtime so you don’t “see red”

Postpone your yells by sticking orange Post-it Notes in high yelling zones; write inspirational messages for extra help

Write down when you yell to “Pen-point” your main triggers so you can create a plan to stop them.

Pop a sweet orange Tic-Tac into your mouth when a not-so-sweet though wants to pop out

Squeeze, don’t scream with The Orange Rhino stress ball

Join me as I take on the Orange Rhino Challenge. Find more tips at

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