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Back to School Labels with Mabel’s Labels @mabelhood #3CGBlog


Mom! I grabbed the wrong folder!”. Really? Again?  I can tell you how many times my daughters have accidentally grabbed the wrong back pack, books or folders while at school.

Did I mention their school policy? Let me explain to you how specific their school can be with labeling each and every item. I don’t have the patience to write both my daughters name on each and every pencil, crayon, folder or composition notebook but I have to do it. That’s until I found Mabel’s Labels!

I find Mabel’s Labels to be extremely useful for organizing my life for the kids back to school routine. Whether it’s organizing my basement that’s filled with bins from holiday decorations, winter clothes or my passion for collecting my kid’s art work. Labeling always helps.

You can use these stylish labels on on almost anything! I’m so serious. There are so many ways to use Mabel’s Labels and with The Stylish Scholars Combo (as seen in photo) you can get 40 skinny-minis, 50 tag mates, 16 round labels and 2 teeny dog tags which are perfect to attach to your purse or book bag. Genius!

To learn more about Mabel’s Labels read at:


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