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Crayola’s Holiday Sneak Peek @Crayola #3CGBlog

Widescreen Light Designer

Crayola is a family favorite in my home. It keeps my little ones busy during the summer and all their childhood creations have been with Crayola. If you really think about, Crayola is a part of our family and it’s the go to gift this holiday.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s summer, why are we talking about the holidays right? Well, it’s never too early to start stocking up before the big holiday rush. I was invited to Crayola’s Holiday sneak peak and I’m so excited to be sharing them with you!

My personal favorite is the Widescreen Light Designer. Santa, if you’re reading. Hint, Hint, Hint! …


So, what’s new? Check out this cool products:


Sketch Wizard – The Sketch Wizard is the first drawing system that empowers 8 to 12 year olds to draw EXACTLY what they see.


Ultra-Clean Washable Markers – wash from hands, clothing and NOW from painted walls.


Visi-MaxDry-Erase Markerseasy to see –from all over the classroom!

Paint Makerenables kids to make a REAL Crayola product in the colors they want to create

CW Airbrush Sprayer – provides a mess free solution for mom.

Beadola Bead Maker  – quality personalized beads that they feel good about and are proud to share with friends

Shoe Studio –  kids can customize and design stylish and creative mini shoes. Too Cool!

Crayola Virtual Design Probrings your colorful designs to life virtually –just like a professional designer!

Shadow FX Color Projectoreasily create and orchestrate exciting color animations and light shows.

Projector Light Designer – projects on ceilings, walls and more!

Widescreen Light Designerprovides kids the opportunity to bring their imagination to life through the use of color. Did I mention this is my FAVORITE!

See Thru Light Designer – create art that lights up and animates. My daughter wants this added to her Christmas list.

Silly Putty – this crazy, classic compound bounces, molds, stretches, snaps and more!


Learn more about all the new and fun Crayola products at



26 thoughts on “Crayola’s Holiday Sneak Peek @Crayola #3CGBlog

  1. we have so many crayola products floating around here most recent was the air brush sprayer it was so cool, I love the art kits and yes I too want the Widescreen Light Designer

  2. I’m going to get the Crayola Paint Maker for review on my toys blog, I just saw it in Target the other day and knew it was new. We already have the crayon maker and the marker maker, so we HAVE TO have the paint maker right?

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