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Review: PackIt @PackItCool #3CGBlog

My 4 year old starts kindergarten in September which means that this Mom has to pack a lunch and snack that will last from morning until the afternoon bus ride home. I was super excited when I received this mini cooler for my family to test out.

My daughter immediately fell in love with PackIt Freezables design. I’m guessing the pink and colorful hearts had something to do with it but as a Mom, I loved the secure Velcro, buckle handle clips and ice packs that are built inside the canvas material.


As a nervous Nelly, I think of  every single fear you can possibly think of when packing a lunch bag with ice packs. Will her food stay cool? will her bag rip? what if everything leaks? what if she bites into an ice pack! Okay, you get the point.


I was actually able to fit her entire bento box, a water bottle and still had enough wiggle room to add a small snack of trail mix. Here’s her PackIt Freezable ready to go and with the gel lined walls , she can’t get her little hands on them.  Approved by this happy Mom.


Have you tried PackIt Mini Coolers? What tips do you have for keeping your food cool?

2 thoughts on “Review: PackIt @PackItCool #3CGBlog

  1. I’ve never tried a pack-it cooler bag, but I have used a dollarstore brand cooler bag and I don’t love it. I think it’s important that a cooler bag is washable and big enough to put all the necessities in it. I do like the design of the one you have shown here. It’s really nice.

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