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The Moms and ‘Marvel Universe Live! @themoms @MarvelonTour #SuperheroMOMS #MUL

Guess what? I just scored cool Mom points and it involved shields, explosions, lightning, motorcycle stunts, flames and a battle with villains. Don’t worry, I wasn’t walking along Times Square at 3 am.


If you’ve visited Nuclear Cowboyz and Monster Jam in the past, then you can understand where this is going. If not, I’m sure you grew up reading Marvel comic books or watching the animated series as a child right?


Well, The Moms and Feld Entertainment, entertained families at the Izod Center in New Jersey, with a night filled of EPIC action packed fun with Marvel Universe Live! From children cheering along mid air battles, gasping at motorcycle tricks and pretty amazing special effects, this family was kept entertained and wishing for extra time. We just didn’t want to leave. Kind of like when a movie is so good that you want stay for the credits.


My children were blown away by all the stunts, pyrotechnics and a narrative storyline which made it easy enough for all of us to keep up and understand. We also loved the digital projection coming from a 3 story wall which gave all the action scenes a animated feel.


Marvel Universe Live! is definelty for families with children. Although I did see a lot of adults just as excited to watch the show, I can totally understand why. I got the old school cartoon vibe with funny one liners that kept children and adults laughing along. And if your little one wasn’t a Marvel fan before the show, they will leave a super fan.


Get a behind the scenes sneak peek at Marvel Universe Live!

For tours and tickets visit

Thank you to The Moms, Feld Entertainment and Marvel Universe Live! for creating the best family memories. My 8 year old daughter grabbed her markers and started working on Iron Man.

If you had a super hero power what would it be?


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