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Essie’s Fall 2014 Collection #3CGStyle

Essie Nails

Let’s talk Nails. We show them off in the summer and once the cool weather starts brewing in we are forced to have the perfect manicure. Fear no more mama’s! Have you checked out Essie’s Fall 2014 collection. Here’s the scoop:

Seductive Red: This dangerously seductive red is jucy, ripe and ready to be picked in a line-up. It’s the one, guilty as charged.

Punchy, fresh taupe: Want to start trouble? Don this punchy, fresh taupe with a whisper of pink and hit ’em with your best shot.

Fall in Line: Send a clear message with enigmatic jade. silky and sensuous, this serpentine green whispers, “whatever I say, goes.”

Powerful Peacock Teal: Underneath its cozy exterior, lurks a heart of calculating chic. Intriguing gray weaved with teal undertones is your brilliant disguise.

Style Cartel: Devious in all the right ways, this inky cobalt blue unleashes the power of its fashion intelligence in one bold stroke.

Partner in Crime: psst…this creamy rich dark chocolate with deep mahogany undertones is a match made in mystery.

Do you skip the pedicure in cooler weather or stay fabulous all year long? What was your favorite color?


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