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Review: Create Your Own Money Saving Adventure by @Freebies2Deals

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I have to admit that when I watch TV shows such as Extreme Couponing I get a little bit jealous. I mean, who doesn’t want a stockpile of canned goods and toiletries. For me, being well stocked means being prepared but if you’re not doing it right you’re only wasting your money. I’ve tried couponing in the past but never for large purchases, maybe a for a hair dye or toothpaste, never on food purchases and to be honest I’m afraid to fill my cart, get to the cash register and be told that my coupons cannot be used. How you imagine how embarrassing?

I recently received a copy of Create Your Own Money Saving Adventure by Melea Politis Johnson. This book is perfect for families trying to figure out a money saving strategy to save big! from decoding the meaning of normal vs high-value coupons to tips on the best time of year to shop. My favorite section had to be the Oh, How I Love Freebies! because it teaches you how to be safe with your information and it even provides a list of companies that are willing to send you freebies.

Create Your Own Money Saving Adventure is not just about couponing. There are many tips on how you can control your finances and have financial freedom with a debt elimination plan for families that are trying to get out of a tight financial situation. I urge families to sit down together and study these tips to get back on the right track to saving. Does your family have a financial strategy?

Here’s the first step you can take to use coupons and save money

*Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary copy of Create Your Own Money Saving Adventure for review. All opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

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