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5 Pumpkin Cocktails for Fall

As a New Yorker, Fall has to be my favorite season! From fashion to food, this is the time to indulge in both. One of my favorite things to do during the cooler weather is to entertain my family and friends at home. And with seasons changing, so does the menu. Since there’s no escaping Pumpkin season, here are a few of my favorite Fall Cocktails that include the flavors of … you’ve guessed it! Pumpkin!


Smashing Pumpkin  – Rum, allspice liqueur and homemade lemon-pumpkin soda

Via Liquor.com


Fall inspired beer cocktails? why didn’t I hear of this before?

via homespeakeasy.com

Pumpkin White Russian (my kind of drink!)

via tweetandeats.com


Pumpkin Margarita ( I can’t wait to try this!!!)

Via sweetlifebake

Do you have a great recipe for an October cocktail you’d like to share? Email me to be featured!

25 thoughts on “5 Pumpkin Cocktails for Fall

  1. Yes, please. I will take one of each. I love pumpkin anything and in a cocktail….well that is just all that much better.

  2. Okay you have totally amazed me because I had no clue that you could make a cocktail out of pumpkin. I am not a pumpkin fan but I love me some cocktails and so I might have to really try this.

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