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DIY Pizza Night #3CGFoodie

It’s lazy Sunday in my home. It’s the only day my husband and I can really spend quality time together with the children. Saturday’s are always spent running around that we just want to enjoy Sunday in the kitchen. My daughter’s love being my sous chefs and it’s an opportunity for me to get a conversation going on what’s going on in their lives.

And what better way to get your children cooking than with DIY Pizza! Here are a few of my favorite recipes that your family will love.

pizza01Wild Garlic Pizza Recipe ~ a white pizza topped with fresh veggies, cheese, wild garlic, and colorful Calendula flower petals. Via Lovely Greens

pizza02Quick Veggie Pita Pizza’s which are my favorite and super easy for the kids. Also, super easy to clean Via A Couple Cooks

pizza04This recipe is for a larger crowd and even includes tips on how to add a toppings bar. I love the idea of guest being able to add their own twist and get creative! Via Bon Appetit

So, whether you’re just having Pizza Night with the family or inviting guest over for a pizza party, remember that love is also created in the kitchen. Enjoy!

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