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How’s your Back To School Routine? @FrenchToastcom #3CGKids


Moms, we’re almost done with the month of September but is your Back to School routine working for you? This school year my 4 year old began Kindergarten and I couldn’t be more happier for this milestone in our lives. It was a big adjustment for all of us because my daughter was the Fashionista in Pre-K. She loved to express herself through clothing and is known for her rockstar style but with a new school and uniform policy, I knew I was in for a back to school shopping crisis.

When you have a sensory sensitive child, it’s really hard to shop for the right clothing. I needed a uniform that would fit her needs, keep me sane and the only name that came to mind was French Toast Uniforms but first, as a budget friendly Mom, I needed to shop around for the best price. From my local retailers, online stores to Craigslist! Yup. I said it!

After the back to school stress settled, I remembered that my old neighborhood had a French Toast Uniform Headquarters! How could I forget that right? My daughter was able to pick her favorite pieces while still being able to express her style. Not only did they have a large selection on Uniforms but there was even a selection for hair accessories.


Here is my Laila on her 1st day of school wearing a French Toast Uniform, headband and her Stride Rite Rhetta Cowgirl Boots. Did I mention she has to wear cowgirl boots daily? I just love this kids style! So, what did Laila think of her uniform? She absolutely loved ALL the styles. What did Mommy think? I loved all the options and prices. Everything was so affordable which made filling my basket a lot easier. There are blouses, knits, polos, pants, shorts, jumpers, dresses and super adorable matching sweaters to add on for the cooler days.


Thank you to French Toast Uniform for making my back to school routine a lot easier!

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*Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for reviewing purposes .

One thought on “How’s your Back To School Routine? @FrenchToastcom #3CGKids

  1. Ahhh I always love her style. She will be a fashion designer when she gets older. Can’t wait!! Just remember me when she is designing for celebs. So cute!!! 😘💙

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