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5 Fall Fashion Inspiration #3CGStyle

Have you began your Fall shopping yet or are you like me where you wait until the last minute hoping that summer will miraculously reappear? If you’re still deciding on what trends you will be following or thinking of reinventing your style, here are a few key pieces you should already have.


Leather motorcycle jacket, hoodie, leather bag and denim jeans.


Cardigan, leggings, riding boots and a pair of aviator shades.


Always have a Chunky Sweater, ripped jeans and booties!


A light sweater, wide leg pants, spiked flats and leather book bag for the city commute.

So, now that Fall is officially in the air, it’s time to dust off your winter bins and decide what to keep, donate or sell. It’s that time to start mixing the old gear with the new, and get ready to revamp your closet. Play dress up with the kids or your girls!

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