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Hoodie-Footie #Pajamagram @PajamaGram

I love everything about Fall except for the erratic dropping temperatures, the sniffles and laundry that suddenly piles up because I’m now layering up just to stay warm. One night I’m in sweat pants and a tank top and the next night I’m shivering under the quilt. Well, thank goodness for Pajamagram and that it’s not menopause.

PGHFLooks like an adult onesie but super cooler! and my skin appreciated the extremely super soft microfleece fabric, that to a child can be compared to their favorite soft blankie. I loved that the bottom footies had an anti-skid bottom, which still makes it easier to run after the little ones but if you prefer to feel your feet on ground then simply unzip them and remove.

Not only does the Hoodie-Footie include pockets to store snacks (guilty) but it has hand covers with really cool thumb holes so that you can keep your hands warm while still being able to text because we all text in bed right?

wpid-img_20141014_105433.jpgNow on to my next favorite piece. Pajamagram Jeans. You cannot tell that they are pajamas and neither did all the parents at my daughter’s after school pick up. These look like jeans but have the softness of pajamas. With 5-pocket detail, faux fly, brass rivets, pull on hidden drawstrings, it’s no wonder why these are now part of my daily morning routine with the kids. And to complete the look, every pair of PajamaJeans comes with a classic and comfy top for FREE.


If you’re looking for a  great Holiday gift, PajamaJeans® lets you still look stylish all day while being incredibly comfortable. Although I chose the comfortable look, you have to check out their not so mama HOT looks too. Fabulous!

*Disclosure: I received Pajamagrams products in exchange for a product review. All thoughts and opinions are of my own. As always, any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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