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Silverland Bakery Gift Baskets for the Holidays!


In case you haven’t noticed, holiday shopping season has begun. One of things I’m guilty of is waiting for the last minute to shop. Now that both my daughters are in school full time that means double the gifts for the school staff. This is why I love gift baskets. Over the years I’ve realized that an edible gift of goodies is way more fun than collecting clutter. How many mugs can a teacher get in her lifetime of teaching? Chocolate + caramel + pinot noir = YUM!

The Monterey County winery teamed up with the Chicago-based bakery darling to create two unique bakery bars infused with wine.  Drawing inspiration from Estancia’s two most beloved wines, Silverland Bakery created the Estancia Chardonnay White Chocolate Caramel Bar and the Estancia Pinot Noir Bakery Bar.  The perfect sweet to enjoy with friends and family this holiday season, the Estancia Wine-Infused Bakery Box brings together the mouthwatering notes of the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with the delicious small-batch bakery bars for which Silverland Bakery is widely known.  The box contains one dozen bars – six Estancia Chardonnay White Chocolate Caramel Bars and six Estancia Pinot Noir Bakery Bars – making it the ideal hostess gift, holiday treat, or anytime indulgence.

The Estancia Wine-Infused Bakery Box will be available for purchase at for $28.00 on November 3, just in time for the holiday season.

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