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#Beauty Finds with @COVERGIRL #CoverGirl


I’m a Mom on the go and like many busy Mom’s we know how difficult it can be to transform from Day to Night. Especially when you’re a City Girl! One of the tips I like to share with other Mom’s is that we need to pack a Glam On-The-Go Bag ! And what to pack exactly? My HOT new beauty finds for Fall which include my favorite COVERGIRL products. From concealer, lip gloss, eyeliner and mascara, Mom’s sometimes need an afternoon pick me up that doesn’t involve caffeine.

So how do you go from a day to night look without looking too dramatic? Keep it simple with a little shimmery eye shadow and lip gloss. Here’s my before and after for date night with my husband. I think some Mom’s like the natural look which I was able to create using a few COVERGIRL products, starting with a medium/deep concealer to hide the “Mommy” under eye bags.


Beauty Tip:

  • Begin with the under-eye area. Using a brush or wand, lightly dab concealer along the darkest area under your eye in a crescent shape. Be sure to apply to the inner and outer corners of your eyes as well.
  • Take the pad of your ring finger and lightly dab to blend. Do not pull or rub. This will irritate the delicate under-eye area and remove the makeup you’re trying to put on.
  • Next, apply a light foundation, focusing on the center of the face and blending outward toward the hairline.
  • Look in the mirror and notice your skin tone. It should look even, yet natural. Lightly dab concealer on any red spots that remain. Blend with your ring finger.
  • Now you’re ready to move on to blush and powder!

pressed powder

Next up I used COVERGIRL Ready, Set, Gorgeous Fresh Complexion Power Foundation 215 to give my skin the appearance of a smooth and clear look. Having an Olive tone completion can be tricky unless you find the right matching powder. That’s why I love that COVERGIRL has so many tones to choose from which is a common problem for Latina’s. My skin instantly looked clear and refreshed.

Beauty Tip:

  • Use pressed powder without foundation on days where just a bit of coverage will do. Use a puff for the most matte layer. Use a brush to achieve a lighter look.


For my eyes,  I used COVERGIRL Eye Shadow 350 which added a silver pop of color over my lids. Again, I was going for the natural look.  I prefer using silver or gold shadows during the cooler weather because you can always play it up, especially during holidays when I’m going for the classic the glam look. Now, a trick that I learned from a professional makeup artist is that when applying eye makeup, use a shimmer eye pencil along the lines of your bottom eyelids to make your eyes stand out more. I used COVERGIRL Lash Blast Very Black Mascara 800 for my lashes which was true to it’s name. This gave my lashes volume without the clump!


Notice how smooth it goes onto the skin and how the color stands out. You can definitely dress your eyes up if you wanted more of a dramatic look.



Beauty Tip:

  • Shimmering hues of white, pearl, or pale pink deflect the appearance of darkness around eyes. Brushing a sheer pastel, such as pink, lavender, or baby blue, across lids has a similar brightening effect.

And finally the lips. I applied Colorlicious Melted Toffee 600. Not only did it moisturize these dull dry Fall lips but the shine is insane! and not to mention it comes in 13 shades to choose from. Muah!

Beauty Tip:

  •  Quiet pinks and sheer textures are ideal for warm weather; creamy dark wines and plums are ripe for winter.
    Olive skin looks best in light browns with warm tones, or dark brownish-reds. Stay away from pinks or orange-reds!
    Fair complexions fare well with shades that have a warm pink or peachy glow, or dramatic reds with a bluish tint.
    Dark skin is flattered by deep reds with blue or purple tones, or deep reddish-browns. Avoid pinks or orange-reds!

Want to shop  COVERGIRL products? check out their makeup tips & beauty secrets too at

*Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions are of my own. I received samples for the purpose of a review . As always, any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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