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What’s Trending? Kylie Jenner’s Fuller Lips #Tutorial

So, you’re either blessed with full lips or you’re not but don’t pout, I found a few fabulous lip tutorials that will get you puckering up like Kylie Jenner or someone other than Kylie.

I just love this illustration by Kate Leth and it’s a trick that I’ve been using for years!


And who doesn’t love beauty tips by The Beauty Department. A tip to make your lipstick last.

This tutorial is to create a 3-D lip which is perfect for girls who love shimmer and color!
Divine Caroline shows us in 6 steps how to make your lips look fuller without going to dramatic. The perfect fuller nude lip.
lips4The Two Toned Lip tutorial let’s you create a little soft but grunge Fall look. Another favorite of mine.
lips5 shows us a technique that not only soothes your lips but gives off a natural nude no streak tone.

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