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Let’s Make History on November 4th! #voteWEP #SMLatinas

Tomorrow is the day! We’ll all be heading to the polls (I hope!) to vote in the midterm elections. And, this year’s election is momentous for New York. This year we can vote in a NEW party, a Women’s Equality Party.

What’s the Women’s Equality Party?

The Women’s Equality Party was formed to help women and families. Sadly, women are often discriminated at work, when looking for housing and

If you think women have full equality? Here are four reasons to think again.

  1. Nationally, for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes 77 cents. And it’s worse for women of color: Black women earn 66 cents on the dollar, and Latinas earn 55 cents on the dollar. In other words, a woman loses on average $11,000 in salary per year.
  2. A man is more than 32 times as likely to become a CEO or serve on a corporate board.
  3. Women are 5 times as likely to be sexually harassed or become a victim of domestic violence.
  4. A woman is twice as likely to live out her old age in poverty.

This is disgraceful! These are not the kind of values that New Yorkers should stand for.

One Vote Can Change Lives.

One vote, your vote, matters.  It can change lives. It can help women and families. Will you join me and vote for the Women’s Equality Party on November 4?

We need 50,000 votes to make it official. Together, you and I can make HERstory!

Together WE can! Sign the Pledge today!

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