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Bella stole my heart #RescueDogs

So Christmas came a little bit early at our home. What started out as a normal Saturday routine of running errands with my husband, ended up with us in a mobile adoption center. Meet our new girl Bella!

Bella is an 8 month old Shih Tzu mix and has transitioned so well into our home. Not only do my daughter’s absolutely love taking her for her daily walks, they actually wear each other out by running around in the backyard playing tag. Thank you to the team at the Animal Care & Control of NYC for making the process so easy!

Ways to help:

Gifts from animal lovers, supporters and friends are critical to their ability to continue their mission of providing the thousands of animals in their facilities with the daily care and compassion they deserve. There are a number of convenient options for making your gift to AC&C. You can use your credit or debit card, or checking account to make a gift using the Donation Form online. See below for a variety of other ways to give.

My Bella


Bella’s 1st night in her forever home


My oldest crowning her with the princess title.


Enjoying our backyard and new sweater of course!


And what special girl doesn’t love a little grooming!


With a bone in her mouth she’s ready to play


Who can imagine how much love this tiny little girl has to offer. Welcome home Bella!

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