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Fabulous Friday: 3 Must-Have Brushes #Hair

Growing up with curly hair was more like a daily battle with the brush. As a little girl, my Mom would have to wait for me by the front door ready to brush out my tangles. She would have to pin me down and spray her homemade concoction A.K.A. DIY detangler treatment, just to get my curls to shine and bounce. I’ve never really learned to embrace my curls or get use to walking to school with wet hair. Before flat irons my Mom would actually blow dry my hair and straighten it with an iron. Yes! I’m talking about ironing board and all.

Now that I’m still hair obsessed I’m always in search for the best tools and treatments for my hair. I don’t always have time for homemade treatments but I use what works best for me. The Fekkai large brush helps me get a great blow dry. I find that with a great brush you can really cut down on the time it takes for a great blow out. Check out the rest below.

Fekkai Brush

Add shine and bounce to shoulder-length or longer hair with this large round brush. Handcrafted in France from the finest materials, including natural olive wood and boar bristles.


Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

Originally created for scalp treatments and detangling, the professional brush features extended bristles that stimulate and massage the scalp. Reduces stress to hair and scalp during blow-drying and styling.


The Mason Pearson

Brushing with a Mason Pearson hair brush is the best way to distribute the natural oils while exfoliating the scalp and stimulating circulation of the hair follicles. The patented pneumatic cushion conforms to the contours of the scalp, which optimizes brushing with minimal effort.


Have tips to save time? share your thoughts!

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