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Tips for celebrating New Years Eve w/Kids! #2015

Are you spending New Years Eve at home with the kids? Maybe just lounging around in your favorite pajamas watching the counting down with your partner, hoping that the kids go down early enough so that you can enjoy that champagne toast like an adult? Okay, maybe that’s just my idea of a quiet night but both my girls are full of energy so I’m going to need a bag full of tricks.

I love the idea of getting the kids involved. This year I’ve asked the kids for their input and so far we’ve decided on creating a time capsule, writing down our New Years goals and playing lots of games every hour. Here are a few of my favorite tips to help keep you sane and the little ones entertained.

1. Count Down Box – each hour beginning at 8 pm have the kids open one bag filled with an activity. You can fill it with hand written riddles, dollar store goodies or a scavenger hunt.

2. All About Me – Have your child write down their highlights of 2014. Write down questions that will be memorable and fun such as their name, age, greatest memory, their goals, what they loved about this year along with a special note for next year.

3. Dance-a-thon – This is the time to party with your children. It’s time to show them your dance moves. If you have Nintendo’s Just Dance then you’re all set. If not it’s time to get your music playlist ready.

4. Choose a Theme – Since I’m staying home I’m going with the slumber party theme. I’ll have sleeping bags on the floor along with bowls of popcorn, snacks and juice boxes. Anything to let the kids feel like this is their party too.

5. Game On – Have your board games ready and any fun apps such as Heads Up installed onto your phone. Kids also LOVE a game of charades or musical chairs.

P.S. Remember to have a New Years Eve party kit (bag) for kids filled with confetti, poppers, glow sticks and noise makers. Have a Happy New Year!

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