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Happy National Cupcake Day! #Foodie

Today is National Cupcake Day which gives me another excuse to put off my diet for just one more day.  Who can resist biting into a fresh moist homemade cupcake topped off with whipped frosting and crunchy sprinkles? the toppings can be endless! But what if I said that you can add Mom’s favorite timeout treats like chocolate or champagne to your recipe? Well, I’ve got you covered! Check out these 3 delicious mouth watering recipes that are buzzing on Pinterest.

Delicious Champagne Cupcakes made with Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco Via Tom Kat Studios

cupcakeChocolate high-hat cupcakes decorated to look like chocolate kiss candies. An easy DIY cake project for chocolate lovers. Created by Carrie Sellman

Via The Cake Blog


Moonshine and Sweet Tea Cupcakes Via Cupcake Project


Do you have a recipe that you would like me to add? Let’s stay social!

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