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A Mom’s New Years Eve Celebration #NYC

Before I had children my husband and I would spend every New Years Eve out on the town. We were that fun couple who couldn’t resist an exciting night out at New York City’s Hot Spots!

Then I became a Mom. The thought of leaving my babies home for a night out created separation anxiety for me. Suddenly, I had a fear of driving after dark and even taking my babies to celebrate with family was just too much for me to handle. What happened to this fun party couple? Oh wait, we grew up (just a little) but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t fun.

At home that is! Besides, who really wants to celebrate New Years Eve in the City anymore? Try getting a drink at the bar or hailing a cab home which is even harder if you live in another borough.

That’s why I prefer to bring my favorite parts of the “nightlife” into my living room. I’ve created a few vision boards to help inspire any last minute at home New Years Eve celebrations.

 Pour It Up Board –  I love a great bottle of wine and a cheese platter and of course a midnight champagne toast.3citygirlsnycGet Glamorous Board –  In your pajamas of course! How fabulous are these pajama sets.


And of course a Mom’s Hangover Guide Board Water, gum, chapstick, makeup wipes, eye mask, a hair band, Advil, gum, V8 and Gatorade. Hopefully you won’t need this but it’s always good to have these close by.

3citygirlsnyc Remember to party responsibly and make it safely from your living room to your bedroom. Have fun mama’s!

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