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My Week in Photo’s …

When you have daughters they tend to remind you that you’re out of shape. If you plan on keeping up with the crazy, stay in shape! I’m on Day 5 and I’ve moved from barely catching my breath on the elliptical to adding in 30 minutes of running on the treadmill.


I always eat healthy. I’m just sharing what a normal dinner in my home looks like. Minus the kids. They hate seafood and I find myself making pasta with chicken cutlet almost every night. Pretty boring if you ask me but they love it.


This week I attempted to make my own sushi rolls using Quinoa instead of rice. Not too bad especially since I don’t own a bamboo mat and I rolled this with my hands and a sheet of saran wrap. I’ve found my foodie calling.


Yes, I know. I learn to make sushi at home but yet I still find a way to choose a Sushi restaurant on our date night.


Sipping beer instead of wine these days.


Visiting a local hot spot in Jackson Heights.


Rock shrimp at Tanko’s in Bayside.


No caption needed.


Hosted the game in our home on Sunday. I decided to try something I’ve actually pinned! a DIY Taco Bar.


My husbands chicken wings. I take NO credit for these. Way too spicy. Sometimes you shouldn’t put Frank’s Hot Sauce on everything! Especially an entire bottle. Just saying …


When your sister invites you for Monday Mimosa’s in her home. Heaven!


And her delicious Vegan Tortillas.


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