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Wednesday Week in Photo’s

I love New York City. I love the seasons, fashion, the lights and the fact that we are truly the city that never sleeps but when there’s snow …ย  I just want to pack up and move! these past few days had me feeling claustrophobic so what’s a girl to do but take pictures and eat!

Of course I had to take in a couple of shots in Astoria before Juno touched down. The quite before the storm.


My first time at Patel Brothers in Jackson Heights. I cannot believe I waited hours before the blizzard to finally come here.


Dique” New York city dodged a major snowstorm but if you live in Queens I beg to differ. Here’s Bella waving at her Mommy.


A couple of days ago my daughter invited me along on a class trip to the Brooklyn Robot Foundry. If you want to inspire your child to build then add this to your to do list. This is a great way to inspire young minds in a fun atmosphere plus she left with a pretty cool robot that she build herself.


Because The Mom’s sure know how to throw the best events in NYC. I braved the snow and headed out into the city for another fabulous event at the Artisinal Restaurant with The Mom’s and Molly Sims to discuss supermodel secrets in her new book The Everyday Super Model. So many GREAT tips. Definitely a Mommy must have!


With cave-aged artisan cheeses from around the world. I just had to take a photo of the goodness of wine and cheese.


Friday date night. My husband NEVER eats at chain restaurants but I begged him to take me to Outback Steak House. The cabin fever was really sinking in. I don’t even eat meat but their bread and blooming onion fries are too good to resist and their drinks are on point. I totally tuned out the kids!


I kept it simple. Salmon over vegetable rice and a side of fries. Now I know why my husband refuses to eat here. Did I mention the drinks were good? I’ve been draaaaanking.


Soy Latte’s and great deals at Barnes and Noble. I scored big on photo-books. There’s just something about coffee table books. If you really squint your eyes it’s a Lady Gaga photo-book. Originally $50 but I only paid 2 bucks. #score


Super Bowl 49. I hosted my first #HavartiParty by Arla Dolfino. My sister and I got really creative and found tons of ways to cook with cheese from mini sliders, empanandas, bacon grilled cheese and a 7 cheese baked mac and cheese! I missed my Chef calling.


Hope you enjoyed my week in photo’s!

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