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Review: The Crayola Color Alive Experience @Crayola


Visit for more info and app downloads. Download a free trial page to start coloring right away! For more fun, collect all 4 action coloring books and virtual effects crayons: Barbie, Skylanders, Mythical Creatures, and Enchanted Forest.

My childhood includes lots of memories creating Art with Crayola. My Mom use to work at my Elementary school and after work she would babysit the after school kids whos parents were running late. She would grab her can of empty crackers that were filled to the top with Crayola crayons and the little ones would just get lost in coloring. Children just naturally love Art. During the summer my Mom would take home the broken crayons, grate them and then we would make translucent colored shapes by ironing the waxed paper together with grated crayons. It was our way of storing our memories through color.

Today, kids have it way more fun with the Crayola Color Alive experience! Who could ever imagined that something as simple as coloring could come alive? This is every kids dream come true! This couldn’t have arrived at a better time as New York City braces for yet another winter storm. Cabin fever kicking in yet Moms?

Crayola Color Alive Enchanted Forest.

Crayola Color Alive Enchanted Forest changes coloring forever by blending traditional coloring with a virtual experience. With a special app and crayon, kids can take coloring to the next level, bringing their creations to life. Color Alive Enchanted Forest comes with 16 action coloring pages full of fairies and magical woodland creatures. Also included are six crayons, a Pixie Dust special color effects crayon, and app download for iOS, Android, and Windows devices..

My little bugs Art coming alive!


Even my 9 year old is getting in on the Enchanted Forest fun. Look at those beautiful bright and bold colors.  Each action coloring page character has its own unique animation within the app that kids can activate by tapping on their phones or tablets.


Color Alive app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It is available on the App Store, Google play, and the Windows Store. For specific device compatibility, visit

*Disclosure: I was invited as Media to attend the Launch of Crayola Color Alive 4D experience. Samples were given for the purpose of a review.  As always, any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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