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Unplugging & playing their way through Spring break #ToyReview

Between Spring break and the New York state exams, it was time for me to unplug the TV’s, take away the ipads and go old school. The screams from my children still echo the halls but I knew that an important piece of my childhood was spent playing real games! why not give my girls the same experience. From board games like Parcheesi to card games like Uno. Unplugging plays a major part in their developmental learning skills but am I depriving my kids from social intelligence?

Well, during Spring break I was recently introduced to SmartGames. It was perfect timing because as a Mom on the go, I was now running around the city with my little girls. A little sneak as to whats to come during their summer off. (Yelp!)

Now, I’m all for gadgets, trust me but the last thing I need are chargers plugged into every outlet in my house. I love the idea of travel games. Especially because they don’t die! SmartGames has a variety of games like Butterflies. Penguin Parade and IQ Candy.

Butterflies Wings of Wonder is a unique and fun sliding puzzle featuring 48 challenges, from easy to expert. A perfect, compact travel game that includes a storage compartment for the puzzle pieces and challenge booklet.

3citygirlsnycThen there’s these other fun-tabulous portable games. There’s IQ Candy which I learned that my memory skills need to be worked on and that my girls have a lot more patience that I expected. The colorful candy pieces come out with one flip and you have to scramble the pieces to make them fit back into place. Don’t worry, there are over 60 challenges to keep your little ones busy.

Penguin Parade has different skill sets so it’s great for your little ones. It ranges from ages 5 – 10 and both my daughters were able to play along just fine. The concept is to get all the ice pieces on the board so that four penguins are lined up together. Penguins Parade includes 48 challenges. We took this game on out on our date night and my 5 year old left us alone the entire time.


SmartGames reviewed in this post were to easy to play, durable and perfect for travel. To learn more about SmartGames visit

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*Disclosure: All thoughts and opinions are of my own. I received samples for the purpose of a review. As always, any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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