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Glammed up with GlamSquad #Beauty


Before I had kids I didn’t mind spending the day at the hair salon. It was a relaxing way to catch up with the girls and get the ‘tea“. Now, I’m just lucky enough if I have time to wash my hair. There’s nothing like booking your appointment yet still waiting hours to get done. Good grief !

It no longer feels like a day of pampering when I’m stuck in a chair – breaking my neck to see if my kids are behaving. What kid wants to spend hours at the hair salon? Not mine. I’m literally running out of tactics to entertain them. At this point I’ve mastered how to spy on my kids through the salons reflections in the mirrors. How awkward when you catch eye contact with the person next to you. Eek!

A little privacy sounds impracticable but a little wishful thinking can help too. At a recent Momtrends Travel event,Β  I was glammed up by GLAMSQUARD before my strut down the runway. I’ve heard of the name but never knew how it worked.Β  A professional stylist gave me the run down and I thought “Where has this been all my Mommy years?”. Here’s how it works. Download the GLAMSQUAD app to your phone. For iPhone users, book via their app. Non iPhone users can go ahead and enter the date, time, and desired location of your appointment on the book now page. That’s it! Then look for your appointment confirmation in your inbox. They provide hair and makeup services that are done in tandem and only take an hour.

I love that GLAMSQUAD provides affordable services in the comfort of your own home and can accommodate your busy schedule. No waiting at an over booked salon! Happy kids = Happy Mom!

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A special shout out to Momtrends for a Girls Night Out discussing Travel Tips. Blog post coming soon!

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