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What it means to be an @Orgullosa Mami! #MamiSelfie


(Mami, Me, Titi)

Just like a mother loves sharing stories about her children, I love sharing stories about my Mom. She was my everything and for the 17 years that I had her in my life, I’ve learned more about myself throughout her death which gave me a better understanding on life as a Mom. I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood. From bike rides through Riverside Park, long walks along Amsterdam Avenue or sweet filled picnics all summer long, I had it all! an Orgullosa Mami!


Motherhood has an incredible way of healing your heart. My mother’s story not only motivates me to be just as great as her but it reminds me of what I’m living for. My kids! My mother was my protector and teacher. She taught me how to embrace everything about myself.  Can you believe that I use to hate the name Nilsa? my big curly hair or my chopped up Spanglish.


Now that I am a Mom I am so proud of what I thought were my flaws! I am proud to be Latina because my features can’t hide it. You look at me and you see a glimpse of my ancestors and their story. From the way that I cook,  to the way that I love, it’s all been handed down to me by these courageous women in my family.

And it is my job to make sure that my children grow up to be apart of this Nueva Latina movement. To know that there is a community out there that they can feel apart of. A place that they can share their pride, joy and embrace this culture. With stories that can be shared and heard around the world, I am proud to be an Orgullosa Mami! I was so honored to be apart of the Orgullosa’s Mother’s Day video celebrating Mom’s,  see our reactions as we watched our children in the next room!

To learn more about the Orgullosa’s Nueva Latina please visit https://www.facebook.com/orgullosa

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