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A Bed Of Your Own. Now Make It With @ZippySack #ZippySack


Although she’s my Princess she still has to make the bed.  One of the many joys of being a Mom is teaching my child responsibilities. It can be as simple as making the bed but it’s her bed! And sometimes kids need a little help. Whether it’s sneakers with Velcro straps or blankets that zip up into a sack. We must find what works for our children and encourage them to at least try.

This is why my family absolutely LOVES Zippy Sack. It transforms your messy bed into a clean and organized bed all with just one zip.


Zippy Sack works like a sleeping bag except it only zips on one side so you don’t have to panic or worry about your child zipping him/herself up all the way. The material is thin and soft to keep your child cool on the warm summer nights yet warm and snuggly if the air conditioner is on high.

My little girl NEVER made the bed before Zippy Sack was introduced into her daily routine. Now she enjoys zipping her bed into a clean and organized space.


What I loved about Zippy Sack were the cute characters that fit my child’s personality. From Puppy, Panda to Kitty or Dino the cuteness factor made it hard to choose from. As a Mom you will appreciate how easy the Zippy Sack will go over your child’s mattress and come off just as easy on laundry day. I simply slid the sack over her twin size mattress and adjusted the corners as I would a normal fitted sheet and voila! I was done.

Interested in getting a Zippy Sack for your little one? Visit today!

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Of course for 3citygirlsnyc readers I can’t let you go without a chance at a giveaway. One LUCKY winner will have the chance to win a Zippy Sack. RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY  Entries are limited to one per person. Must be at least 18 to enter. This giveaway is only open to US residents. Giveaway ends June 7, 2015.


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