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Creative Lunch Ideas for Kiddos #Summer

Now that school is officially over I know I’m going to have to get really creative with making breakfast and lunch at home but how do you transform classic school lunches at home without it getting too boring? All you need is a little visual inspiration to get your gears rolling. From Paleo to Vegetarian, there’s a menu for almost all your little ones needs. Not only will these creative menus keep you on track and make your life a little bit easier but these ideas will keep your little one full throughout their summer days without having to resort to the drive thru.

7+ Deliciously Creative and kid-approved Lunch box ideas


Image Source: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

From Five Meals in One Hour – these would also make great road trip or picnic food!


Image Source: 5dinners1hour

Kids Paleo Lunches. How delicious do these look? I’ll be packing these for a day at the beach with my little ones!


Image Source: OurPaleoLife

30 days of lunchbox recipes and there are no repeats!


 Image Source: Peanut Blossom

Vegan, Gluten Free and Paleo Lunch Ideas


Image Source: BackToHerRoots

Vegan Options for Toddlers


Image Source: VeganHubbard

Five vegetarian lunch box ideas for your Bento box. A food post by Seattle area family blog, Long Wait For Isabella.


Image Source: LongWaitForIsabella

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