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Fit & Fabulous w/FIJI Water #FijiFit


I would love to say that I work out to maintain this figure but the truth is if there were ever a zombie apocalypse, I wouldn’t even make it up the block. Just eat me! I just really hate working out and my favorite all time excuse is that I need to conserve my energy for my kids. Well, that’s a big fat lie! I find workouts to be boring. That’s until I had my first cycling class at Chelsea’s Peloton Cycle.

What exactly is Peloton Cycle?

It’s an indoor cycling class that knows how to keep things fun and entertaining with energizing music (that triggered memories of the club days) that just pumps you up with adrenaline. Of course I thought about quitting every other 5 minutes but there was a pretty cool leader board (also tracks distance, cadence, output, resistance and calories) on my bikes display that kept me in competitive mode. Talk about busting a sweat!


Peloton provides sneakers to keep you trapped in … oops, I mean to fit all your needs (lol) but seriously you’re locked onto the bike by these sneakers!


A quick demo before my class

And because I live in Queens and don’t have a Peloton studio by me I can always purchase a Peloton bike for my home and stream unlimited LIVE and on-demand rides from the best indoor cycling coaches direct to your Peloton bike. Did you know while you’re busy pedaling away at their NYC studio, their talented A/V team is working hard to broadcast each and every class LIVE to their riders at home!


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Meet our trainer Cody Rigsby:

The music or THE BEATS, are the driving force in Cody’s class at Peloton. He believes it is high energy and soul lifting music that allows us to find inspiration that nurtures our growth and allows us to achieve our change together. – Peleton Cycle

Cody really kept the class fun and totally worked out our ENTIRE body. He didn’t mind that our row was probably the loudest with all the woo-hoo’s coming from our section. After the class ended he personally introduced himself to all the Moms. I highly recommend taking a class with him. The bomb dot com!


I didn’t know I could sweat in all those places …

Time to hydrate:

I love Fiji water.  It’s the No. 1 premium bottled water in the United States and after a sweaty workout I want to replace essential fluids with the electrolytes and minerals that FIJI Water provides, without lacking in its signature soft, smooth taste. The convenient shape makes it the perfect choice for a vigorous spinning class, personal training session, daily commute or summer road trip.


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Fun Facts:

FIJI Water is bottled at the source in Fiji at an ancient artesian aquifer deep within the earth, where it is protected from external impurities. FIJI Water has significantly more naturally occurring electrolytes than other brands. It’s untouched by man – until you unscrew the cap. FIJI Water, known for its iconic square bottle, soft mouth feel and unique mineral profile, is the water of choice among discerning consumers and top chefs.


The new 700 mL bottle is available now for $2.29 in stores nationwide. For more information, including home delivery, and for the latest updates on FIJI Water, please visit or

Thank you to Momtrends for kick starting me back to a workout routine, Fiji water for hydrating me after my workout and Peloton for reminding me that working out is fun!

*Disclosure: I was invited as media to attend this event for the purpose of a compensated review. As always all opinions are of my own.

4 thoughts on “Fit & Fabulous w/FIJI Water #FijiFit

  1. It looks like you had a great time at this spin class. I’m so glad to see the shape of the Fiji bottles has changed not it will fit in my cup holder in my car.

  2. I know summer is almost gone but water is still important!!! I would love to win a 2 month supply to stay hydrated. – your IG fan 🙂

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