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Lunch at Panda Express #OrangeChickenLove @OfficialPandaExpress


I have to admit that one of my favorite reasons to visit the Queen’s Center Mall is for the food court! It’s like a mini reward after hunting for some for fashionable deals right? it’s a delicious way to recharge and get your second wind, for  shopping! but with SO many food selections, my family and I want to stick with a name we know and trust. Panda Express!

I’ve been eating at Panda Express ever since I moved to Queens years ago and now that I’m a Mom my kids are able to share their Panda Express love too! and their favorite dish would be? you guessed it! ORANGE CHICKEN!

Orange Chicken is a dish inspired by the Hunan Province in South Central China. It is prepared with crispy boneless chicken bites, tossed in the wok with our secret sweet and spicy orange sauce. Panda’s very own Executive Chef Andy brought this entree to life and it quickly became Panda’s most beloved dish.


What my family loves about Panda Express Orange Chicken is the different flavorful spices, sweetness and when paired with their favorite sides like fried rice, steamed mixed veggies or my favorite Chow Mein, the combinations can be endless!

And who can resist ending your meal with a fortune cookie?


So true!

Orange Chicken Love Tour Truck:

Food trucks have made contemporary cuisine more accessible than ever, and that’s why Panda Express is inviting you to experience their American Chinese cuisine in a whole new way. My little girls and I can’t wait to make a mini-adventure when it heads to New York City!!!

Head over to  to see their food truck schedule, shop for swag and join the discussion on social media. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

*Disclosure: Many thanks to Panda Express for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to share my love for Orange Chicken! 

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