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Feeling pampered with the Curbside App at Target

If there’s an App that’s going to make a Mom’s life a little bit easier then I’m in! Recently I was introduced to the Curbside App for my Back to School haul at Target and I loved it!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE shopping at Target. It’s is my meditation, medication, vacation, you get the point! but there’s something about shopping on my phone and getting it hand delivered to my trunk that makes me want to shop more!

We all have those lazy days where you just want to stay in your pj’s just a little bit longer right? or maybe the baby just fell asleep, or you don’t want to leave your dog at home alone. These are all reason to stay in your car and use curbside!

So how does it work?

Download the curbside app onto your device, register, pick the Target nearest you and start shopping! remember when selecting EACH item to make sure that it’s at the same Target.


I couldn’t understand why it kept asking me if I wanted to start a new order but then I realized I wasn’t selecting the same location.



Check out your items with your stored credit card number, use any promotional codes and you if you have a Target REDCARD you can still use it to pay and get the 5% off your purchase!

You have an hour to relax at home while your personal shopper handles it all!


And as soon as I pulled up to the curbside pickup sign I received a notification that allowed me to notify an associate.


Followed by another notification that my order was picked up.



  • No waiting on long lines
  • I can “shop” in my Pj’s and pick up in my pj’s
  • If you want to cancel your order just email curbside and it’s handled
  • You can reorder the same products
  • You get some really cool curbside bags for free
  • An associate will load it to your car


I will definitely keep shopping using the curbside app especially during the colder weather. Have you tried curbside? Use promo code CITYGIRLS and get $10 off on a purchase of $20 or more from Target locations with Curbside Pickup. Happy shopping!

Check for a list of cities and pickup locations.

*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by curbside but the content and opinions expressed here are of my own.

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