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7 Brilliant Ways to make Pumpkin Desserts this Halloween

October is really about two things. Pumpkins and Halloween! I say we go out with a bang and gather up our kids, family, friends and get ready to have a pretty darn delicious tasting party with some of the best recipes out there.

From no bake treats to healthy bites there is something for everyone!  it’s time to get Pumpkin crazy!

 photo c36fec78c349c51ca7f2a890bcb88289_zpsykgnymre.jpg

Photo credit via mybakingaddiction.com

 photo 818313a5fb36e9a6cfaa944f3ea0d020_zpstgfkxdy3.jpg

Photo Credit via leelalicious.com

  • Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake Cones – (These no-bake treats are easy and super handy for any party or occasion) Looks like I’ll be making these for Thanksgiving too!

 photo d9eaa8f186fe082e8eb257dbba2b2fc5_zpsjqxgndwg.jpg

Photo Credit via countrycleaver.com

 photo a6b187631978ea8eac1b6b57038122ad_zpsjeb5r0bf.jpg

Photo Credit via thewateringmouth.com

 photo d38bc13df2132af62c57b5249ccbb656_zpsqfk4elk5.jpg

Photo Credit via wholenewmom.com

 photo 9ff8900924607a5827e894a495c3c550_zpsgn5b9lkm.jpg

Photo credit via bakingamoment.com

 photo NoBakePumpkinPieInAJar11_zpskg6cvfbb.jpg

Photo credit via lifeloveandsugar.com

Have a recipe you’d like featured? share your thoughts! Happy Halloween!

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