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Wordless Wednesday. Fashion Inspiration Boards! #StreetStyle

I’m a city girl and one thing us city girls love to do is people watch! I can sit in any cafe, sip on my coffee and watch New Yorkers strut on by while checking out their sense of Fashion. Here are a few of my Street Style inspirations!

 photo Screenshot_2015-11-03-23-14-42-1_zpsyznpo7lv.png

 photo Screenshot_2015-11-03-23-05-37-1_zpspshdrhws.png

 photo Screenshot_2015-11-03-23-01-35-1_zpsjicijqnf.png

 photo Screenshot_2015-11-03-22-51-44-1_zpsv9pbvvf6.png

 photo Screenshot_2015-11-03-22-44-20-1_zps0tyu640q.png

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