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Simple Desserts with Entenmann’s and Sara Lee Snacks


November has to be one of the busiest months for me and my family. There’s picture day, parent-teacher conferences, fundraisers, school dances, holiday classroom celebrations and you get the point.

And somewhere between the kids schedule and Mom’s schedule there’s a lot of baking involved. Of course, I want the baked goods that are rich in chocolate and maybe even layered in whipped cream and chocolate pudding and hot fudge but who has time?

You do Mom! because I have some pretty simple recipes for you to save time in the kitchen while letting your little ones get in on the yummy fun too!

P.S. There’s something brewing over at Entenmann’s. Coffee! what a perfect way to pair your sweet holiday treats. Check out the details below!


 Sara Lee Brownie Chocolate Chip Cake Jar

 photo entenmanns2_zpstcng28l3.jpg

The Sara Lee Snacks Brownie Chocolate Chip Cake Jar features the Brownie Chocolate Chip cakes, put together with whipped cream, chocolate pudding, and hot fudge. This easy “how-to” is the perfect treat for home and will be a hit for all of those holiday parties!

Entenmann’s Dreamy Chocolate Bars

 photo entemanns_zpsgx9i1l6a.jpg
The Entenmann’s Dreamy Chocolate Bars feature the Entenmann’s classic Rich Frosted Donut. This cake-style donut is drenched in rich, wonderfully smooth chocolate. Bite into one, hear the crack of the Rich Frosted shell and enjoy the soft yellow cake interior. Baked into a delicious chocolate bar, the Entenmann’s Rich Frosted donut is mixed together with flaked coconut, caramel popcorn and a few other ingredients, guaranteed to be a delicious delight your family will enjoy. Double the batch and have an extra on hand for the perfect hostess gift. Check out the recipe here!


Entenmann’s single serve coffee selections

 photo entenmanns3_zpsgc2haknn.jpg


Working with the finest coffee growers around the world, selecting only 100% Arabica beans and roasting them into small batches ensures consistent quality coffee with every roast. Packaged immediately after roasting to lock in freshness, Entenmann’s coffee cups, available in classic and dessert flavors, are great for Holiday entertaining and were created to be the perfect complement to Entenmann’s baked foods or savored on their own any time of day.


Happy Holidays!


Disclosure: I worked with BBUSA to bring you a few of my favorite holiday recipes. As always, any personal opinions reflected in this post are of my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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