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We’re all beautiful! Mixed Me!


What does it mean to be mixed? For me, growing up with Hispanic parents with two completely different skin tones made me grow up with mixed feelings. I didn’t know which culture to identify myself with. American or latina?


My Mother was light and my Father was dark. There were days where my Mother would take me to work and people would ask her “Who’s that little girl?” when she would reply “That’s my daughter!” they would say, but she’s so dark and that hair? we got that a lot!

Even now that I am a Mom of two beautiful mixed little girls (Puerto Rican & Persian) I get the same response.  Are you the Nanny? but their skin is so fair!

I was so excited to read Mixed Me by Taye Diggs hoping I had something to share with my little girls, but they just couldn’t connect. Although the book is cute and rhymes, I don’t think it truly explains what it feels like to be mixed. The daily battle of trying to figure out who you are, which culture you identify yourself with, and coming to terms with your skin color.  I know it’s a discussion for parents and children, but kids like to identify themselves with characters.

I will say that reading this book to my children opened up several great discussions and my youngest appreciated the great illustrations.

Mixed Me can be found on


Disclaimer: I was invited as media to attend this event. All attendees received a copy of Mixed Me, a P.S. By Aeropostale gift card and a Back Pack filled with goodies. Attendees were encouraged to bring a gently used item for  Second Chance Toys. Please support this amazing charity and make a world of difference in the life of a disadvantaged child.

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