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Holiday Pinspiration! Get your Party on!

Creating holiday memories shouldn’t feel overwhelming or miserable. You just need a plan that’s going to save you time and money. Here are a few secrets to create the best holiday party for kids and adults. There’s even a cookie station for Santa!

How much to serve at a party is something I’m constantly googling. As many parties as I host, I can never be too sure. I’m learning that the smaller the party the better. Here’s your guide at how much to serve at a party!

 photo 09f5b72165f772cc595740891585d219_zpsypqwmkgl.jpg

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At home photo booth? YES! These make all your Instagram pics just a little more festive and funny!

 photo 76b9c1bc0dabf06f6c23fc45846e77d3_zpsvx79je7h.jpg

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Shot glass appetizers to make the finger food a little more classy!

 photo 79bee41f34c2ced5d85ae4a226fe8dc6_zpszumja06g.jpg

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My favorite set up at any party has to be the cheese platter!

 photo ff5e5928ab5c62cb4920eda7acda0daf_zpsa1dbpcnz.jpg

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A cookie station for the kids and adults?

 photo 915411501c875ade622111be2b5204ab_zpsufjdspcj.jpg

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A Hot Chocolate Bar that the kids will love!

 photo cf1ef2ba32089e18c789cb520770d999_zpslsitedkn.jpg

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And because no one wants to spend their night playing bartender! make your cocktails by the pitcher!

 photo 417cbe01839e449b63e55d29cd5591fa_zps0fnxc1fh.jpg

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Don’t forget extra ice! I’m always running out of ice for cocktails and, of course, your holiday playlist. Remember Pandora always comes in handy at all my gatherings. Remember to drink responsibly. Happy Holidays!

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